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Hi friends and family!
Thank for all of your previous years support. It’s 2019, and a new dragon boat season is upon us! Manulife, once again is raising money to support Sport Nova Scotia. The funds go towards their amateur sport fund, helping kids in our own communities participate in sports which they may not otherwise be able to.

All funds up to $150 are matched by a Manulife for each person on our team. This year I’m hoping to exceed the minimum- please help me get there!

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Donation Goal: $200.00
Raised so far: $150.00


Nicole Snyder

Tasha Ross

Sally Bourque

Sara Lamb


E-mail address:



Total donated: $2410.00
Goal: $100000.00
Percent: 2%

Top Fundraisers

  Name Total
1. Godfrey Jerry $315.00
2. Craig Paquet $285.00
3. Michelle Shaw $215.00
4. Beth Boudreau $170.00
5. Diane Acker $150.00
6. Suzanne Cormier $150.00
7. Kevin Higgins $150.00
8. Paula Cameron $130.00
9. Joanna Cohen $100.00
10. Erica Mitton $95.00

Top Teams

  Team Name Total
1. Manulife Wellness Warriors $985.00
2. Manulife Liquid Assets $675.00
3. Manulife Maniacs $550.00
4. Manulife Ships N' Giggles $200.00

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