Leah Adams

Hello family & friends!!

It's that time of year again and I'm looking to you for support!

I am taking part in the 21st Annual Manulife Dragon Boat Festival which will be held on Saturday July 7th on Lake Banook.

It is a great cause you are supporting (besides me :P) because all monies raised by the festival are put towards the Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund.

The Sport fund helps increase sport participation by supporting community-based programs throughout Nova Scotia.

To date, the Manulife Dragon Boat Festival has raised a whopping $1.37 million for this cause. WOW!

Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $150 with hopes of raising much more!

All I need is YOU - your donations of ANY amount from $5 and up will be greatly appreciated and if you donate $20 or more - a tax receipt will be provided to you.

Thank you in advance for any considerations and support - you are my heroes!

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Donation Goal: $150.00
Raised so far: $70.00


Debra Ackles Adams

Tracy Finlay


E-mail address:



Total donated: $1730.00
Goal: $100000.00
Percent: 1%

Top Fundraisers

  Name Total
1. Heather Delo $290.00
2. Nicole Miller $175.00
3. Mark Stevens $175.00
4. Jay Joudrey $150.00
5. Nathan Stevens $105.00
6. Kevin Higgins $100.00
7. Jason Thibault $100.00
8. Erica Mitton $100.00
9. Tracy Tanner $100.00
10. Beth Boudreau $90.00

Top Teams

  Team Name Total
1. Ripple Effect $550.00
2. Manulife Maniacs $535.00
3. Manulife Wellness Warriors $315.00
4. SS. ARRGGG $115.00
5. A'countin' the Strokes $100.00
6. Manulife Bank Liquid Assets $90.00

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